Friday, November 19, 2010

Show US Your Life Laundry Rooms and Playrooms

One of my favorite linky parties I used to participate in before my blogging hiatus was Kelly's Korner Show us Your Life Home tours.  I love decorating my home and I love looking at others homes even more. So today I am participating.  Since I have been out of the blogging loop until this week, I am going to add some back posts with pictures of rooms I missed in the past weeks. So scroll down my blog if you are interested in others rooms in my home. Off to browse more game rooms and laundry rooms!

Our Play room Is really big which is good but it is filled to the brim with four kids. We really enjoy our time in there. I just ordered some curtains for the windows this week.  Cannot wait to get those up!

And here is the laundry room...nothing too exciting!  But it is a laundry room!


Liz at 4 GUYS and A DOLL said...

WOW!! Your house is GORGEOUS! I really love your style...very similar to what I am going for in my house! It was really neat to get to see all the rooms at once...I am impressed that every room was clean...I'd have to do a major overhaul to be able to photograph all the rooms in my house :)

Kelly said...

Don't be too impressed about the clean Liz....My housekeeper was here yesterday and I took pictures after she left. And notice my boys room are not in the photos becasue as soon as they got home from school there was stuff everywhere. SIGH! I feel like all I do is pick up!

Sarah said...

I love your cross in the laundry room!
God's blessings,
Sarah :D

Edna said...

Nicely done! Where did you get the cross?